We understand, shopping in internet is often tough to understand or confusing. We want to make your falamoda shopping experience special. Therefore we do not only focus on a comfortable design, but also about a clear understanding of the whole offer. Below you find answers to the most relevant questions.

How does the Order Process work?

The Order process might be completed with or without falamoda account. With an Account you will benefit e.. from permanent access to your invoices. Invoices from orders before you set up a falamoda account will not be accessable through your account.

For completing the ordering process, you search for products you want to have. You save these products in your cart. once you are happy with your cart collection you can proceed with the checkout:

  1. In a first step after clicking on the Checkout button, you are asked for your billing details and delivery address.
  2. In a second step, you are asked to provide the payment details for your order.
  3. In a third step, you can validate and update all order details again (Products, Addresses, Payment details). You have to agree to the terms and Conditions.
  4. Finally, you confirm the Order and send it to us.

You will be able to provide Voucher Codes (Coupon Code) within your Cart as well as during the Checkout process. 

How does the Payment Process work?

We work with PayPal as Payment Service Provider. Payments can be executed with or without PayPal account with Credit Card (e.g. VISA or Mastercard), Direct Debit or PayPal Account. Parts of the payment might be done with Voucher, Discount Codes or falamoda Points.

What are the Delivery Terms of falamoda?

The physical products bought on falamoda.com are being shipped by dhl. standard shipment. The delivery should take 4 to 8 working days. However, in some cases, delivery might b delayed through public holidays in the country of stock or other higher events.

What about Return Shipment and Revocation?

We provide you the opportunity to return your products within 14 days after your order without specific reasons. If you wish to do so, please contact us first. As products are being sent from different stocks, we will provide you with returning details. You will have to pay for the return on your own. Click here for further details.

Does falamoda offer Discount Codes?

Every now and then, we are offering special discount codes on our website, as well as hidden to be discovered in special Marketing campaigns. Furthermore, we also offer special Deal Days. We are constantly updating and upgrading discount codes and special events. 

Does falamoda offer a Referral Program?

Within your user Account, you will be able to find a special referral link. If one of your contacts uses this link and executes an order on falamoda with the same IP address (therefore not blocking cookies) on that day, you, as well as the referred person will receive extra falamoda Points.

What are my benefits of a User Account at falamoda?

Within you falamoda User Account, you are able to find details about your orders, download invoices, get a referral link and review your accoun of falamoda points.

What is the falamoda Partner Program?

If you want to sell on falamoda, feel free to contact us. We will review your offer and decide whether we will give you the opportunity to sell on falamoda.com. However, products that do not fit into our assortment may be deleted later. We put the product quality for our customers first. This includes the physical quality of articles, as well as the design quality within our design code.